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Introducing Virtue: The Earliest Stage Health VC

We back unstoppable founders at the earliest stage to radically transform our broken healthcare system.


Pre-Seed & Seed
check size
$250K - $1M
Investment decision within 7-10 days
We are typically 1st to commit
US predominantly, globally opportunistic
Sean has been so much more than an investor —  he is always my first call. Sean's understanding of the complexities of healthcare has enabled him to give me advice and understand my business in a way investors less experienced in healthcare just can't match. I can't imagine a better health investor for the early stages.
rachel blank
ceo/founder, allara health
From Day 1 Sean jumped in to help with recruiting, sourcing deals, and just being a source of positivity and encouragement. We had a lot of different offers during our fundraise, and when I got the chance to talk to Sean and his founder references, it became a no-brainer — everyone said “hands down go with Sean.” And, 10/10 I would do it again — I would highly recommend Sean!
tara viswanathan
ceo/co-founder, rupa health
Sean creates shareholder value far beyond capital. At Atlas he's been a rock, always available to offer support and talk through key decisions. The relationship feels more like a co-founder than a VC.
ethan davidoff
ceo/co-founder, atlas health

Many of our founders do not have a traditional healthcare background.

We are 0 → 1 health builders & partners.

We offer patient capital.

No conversation & no idea is too early. 

We hustle as hard as our founders.

We have zero interest to incrementally improve on the existing broken healthcare system.

Who We Are

Sean Doolan

Founder + Managing Partner

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+ Led/supported 150+ early stage health financings
+ Built health/bio practice at Global Founders Capital (GFC)

+ Backed by a world-class roster of founders, investors and industry leaders

I have led and/or supported 150+ early stage health financings along with having built the health/bio practice at GFC. I love meeting founders incredibly early in their startup journey and partnering together to create a better, healthier future.

At Virtue, we are fortunate to be backed by a world-class roster of health founders, investors and industry leaders.


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